Requirements to Rent

On average, we have one unit a month potentially opening up for rent.


Rents range from $800 (unfurnished, excluding utilities) to $1300 (executive furnished, including utilities).

This building does not allow weekly (AirBnb etc) rentals. A six month lease, a corporate lease, or sublet is required per the condo documents.

When a unit is available, it is listed on our website with its own page, for example “Unit 202 – Executive Furnished”, with interior pictures and the unit number.

Rental requirements for the tenant candidate are:

  1. Proof of ability to afford the rent by providing a W2 showing 1 year stable employment with an income of at least 36K or be active duty military E1+ using BAH
  2. No criminal record
  3. Two references – one personal and one current rental landlord
  4. One month security deposit on lease signing




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